Aplikacja mobilna - Slideye PRO


Available for Android™ tablets


Creation is easier than before! Users who prefer mobile and wireless solutions can control our devices using Android tablet. To do this, you will need to purchase our SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter and download the Slideye™PRO for your tablet with Android system.

The free Slideye™PRO application will give you more comfortable, powerful and precise control over Slidekamera® devices than ever.


Download now and try Slideye™PRO for free!

A demo mode is available to users who do not have our devices.


Key features of Slideye™PRO:

▸ Live Control with Precise Parallax
▸ Multi-axis Keyframes Editor
▸ Multi-axis Curves Editor
▸ Advanced Timelapse

Slideye™PRO application requires the following hardware to work:

  • At least one of the compatible Slidekamera® devices - X-SLIDER™ or ATLAS MODULAR SLIDER™ with X MOTOR ⁴⁰, MoCo HEAD™, and BULL HEAD™.
  • SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter
  • SLIDELINK™ USB Adapter


Using SLIDELINK™ USB adapter¹ allows² wired control as in the case of dedicated controllers.

¹) The USB adapter for wired control now is included with all minimum 3-axis SET.
²) Required a tablet which supports USB OTG


NEW UPDATE ver. 2.1.0 (18.06.2018)

Major app layout changes:
NEW! LCS SUPPORT: Now application support lens motors from PDMOVIE. They are part of our Lens Control System (LCS).
NEW! 6-AXIS CONTROL: Adding support for PDMOVIE motors allows you to use and control up to 6 axes at the same time in live control, timeline and curves.
Calibration procedure has been split into few simple steps: 1. Select devices, 2. Calibrate devices, 3. Calibrate lens for LCS motors (optional). 
Additional calibration features: 
- Switching between devices during calibration. 
- Cancel calibration procedure to restore previous calibration settings.


ver.2.0.0 (23.01.2018):
▸ Keyframe Editor: Easily create trajectories composed of much more keyframes than before.
▸ Curves Editor: Now you can create trajectories that best suits your scene.
▸ Single Ride/Loop Modes: These modes were replaced by Keyframe Editor and Curves Editor.